We are glad to inform you that the 58th issue of “AlitInform: Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures” has been published!

In this issue:

– Traditional statistics of production of the most important industrial products in Russia in 2016–2019.

Vyacheslav Nesvetaylo in his article “High-strength Portland cement and practical experience of its use in special construction” will present a historical review on development of low water demand binders in the USSR, creation of high-strength cements and efficient concretes based on them.

– Honored Builder of Russia Alexey Davidyuk in his article “Lightweight and ultra-light concretes on glassy aggregates for building enclosing structures” describes positive aspects of glass granulate application in concrete.

– The team of scientists from the Tomsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (A. B. Steshenko, A. I. Kudyakov, N. E. Ryabtseva) presents the results of research on the influence of slag sands on the properties of foam concrete mixture and foam concrete, as well as their developed optimal compositions of heat-insulating and structural-heat-insulating foam concrete.

– On the pages of this issue you can read the article by Evgeniy FilatovThe solution to the problem of concrete mixtures production in wintertime”, previously presented at the forum “Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures — 2019”.

Gypsum bulletin. Read an overview of the Russian gypsum market prepared by our partners —“CM Pro”.

Ekaterina Potapova will present a study devoted to the development of a self-leveling dry construction mixture based on gypsum-cement-pozzolana binder. The developed composition combines the positive properties of both cement and gypsum binder, meets all the requirements of regulatory documents and can be recommended for use in industry.

Roman Borisov, executive of the “Union of Dry Building Mixtures Producers” association, will talk about the painstaking work of the Union to improve the quality of mixtures available on the market and fight against counterfeit products.

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