Current Status and Future Trends in Concrete Admixture Technology (PART II)



Plank, J. prof, Dr. Eng. Sci., Chair for Construction Chemistry, Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany

Alitinform No2 (51) 2018 г. 22-32 p.


The article presents an overview of the modern technology of admixtures production and the current state of its development, describes the main technologies, as well as the gaps that exist in each area. It also shows the possibility of using PCE in difficult conditions. The production and application of C-S-H-PCE nanocompo-sites are reviewed. The forecasting of possible changes in the future is given in conclusion.

Key words:

Polycarboxylates (PCE), superplasticizers, nanocomposites, admixtures, concrete properties

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