UDC 691.3; 519.6

Rezaev, R. O. Ph.D., associate professor, Tomsk polytechnic university, Tomsk, Russia; researcher in Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, Dresden, Germany

Dmitriev A. A. Chief Technologist, “Materials Design”, Moscow, Russia

Alitinform №4 (69) 2022 г. 20-30 p.


The article discusses the application of the “composition – property” models of concrete mixtures and concrete to the problem of selecting the composition of cement-sand mortars with given mobility and strength. The first part of the article describes a theoretical scheme for constructing such models as applied to heavy concrete compositions based on 4 components, introduces basic ideas and principles, in particular, a quantitative measure of the proximity of compositions, which allows us to postulate the continuity of their properties. The second part of the article demonstrates the results of applying the proposed ideas in practice in order to select the composition of the cement-sand mortar based on a specific set of materials. To solve this problem, an experimental plan was drawn up from 6 calibration compositions, based on the results of which the quantitative dependences of the mobility of the mixture, measured by the depth of immersion of the reference cone, and the strength of concrete according to 7-day tests were obtained. The analysis of the obtained results, in particular, shows the applicability of simple linear dependences of the mobility and strength of the cement-sand mortar on the consumption of cement and water and allows us to obtain simple formulas for selecting the composition.

Key words:

composition of cement-sand mortar, composition selection, concrete plant, quality control

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