UDC 666.9; 504.054; 504.3.054

Potapova, E. Doctor of Sc., Prof., D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia

Alitinform №4 (57) 2019 г. 13-21 p.


Currently, the Russian Federation is undergoing a process of transition to a new state regulation in the field of environmental protection, which is based on the use of the best available technologies (BAT) and a normatively regulated reduction of the technogenic load on the environment. The enterprises that have the maximum negative impact on the environment (enterprises of category I) must necessarily receive a complex environmental permit (CEP) based on technological standards, that comply with BAT.

The BAT concept has been successfully applied for many years in many countries of the world. Nevertheless, it is new in Russian practice and raises concern from industry. The fears that the new environmental regulation may impose additional requirements and an economic burden on enterprises are being voiced.

In 2019, the Russian Federation began the process of issuing complex environmental permits to large enterprises in key industries. Among the first 16 industrial enterprises, that received complex environmental permits, three cement enterprises are the branch of HeidelbergCement Rus LLC in Novogurovsky village, Iskitimcement JSC and South Ural Mining Processing Company LLC.

Key words:

environmental protection, best available technologies, technological standardization, complex environmental permits

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