Abdel Hamid Gadou Sinai White Portland Cement

Alexey Igorevich Tomashevskiy Aalborg Portland Russia

Michele Di Marino Cementir Group

Jesper Sand Damtoft Cementir Group

Erik Pram Nielsen Cementir Group

Bi Zhuo Qin Cementir Group

Alexey Evgenievich Marusov GC ArkhiKamen

Alitinform №1 (54) 2019 г. 2-10 p.


White Portland Cement plays a leading and unique role as an essential binder ingredient of high-quality mortars and concretes. Compared with grey Portland cement, higher degrees of chemical purity and the inherent stability in terms of quality due to a very selective use of raw ingredients to ensure constant colour performance, results in, among others, enhanced interaction with admixtures and a predictable and reliable performance. Given that whiteness is a key performance parameter for White cement, only raw materials with very low iron content are used in the manufacturing process of White cement. The formation of very slow reacting iron-containing clinker minerals is thereby also avoided, resulting in a much denser structure of the hydrated White cement, directly translating into higher strength and lower porosity of the concrete manufactured with White cement.

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