Konstantin Bojinov сommercial Director Alterline, Belgium

Alitinform №4 (65) 2021 г. 15-19 p.


The development of Alternative Fuels and Raw Material (AFR), which began in Europe almost forty years ago, is accelerating and has become a condition for the survival of cement groups around the world. The sustainable development of the cement business means reducing the environmental impact, controlling fuel cost and increasing social responsibility. For that purposes, AFR are a must.
Each kiln is different but coprocessing in always technically possible in a certain extent, and even the old wet kilns of the plant of Obourg (BE) and Lumbres (FR) are substituting 75 % of petcoke with AF. The key if to develop the waste sourcing depending on the local situation and to implement a true AFR development process, for mitigating impacts on the pyroprocessing and achieve sustainable performances. The process can be limited to the coprocessing of AFR, or include waste pre-treatment, but in both case requires the expertise developed in European countries where high Thermal Substitution Rate (TSR) are reached.

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