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International Analytical Review “ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures”

“ALITinform” is a periodical that covers different aspects in production and applications of cement, concrete, and dry building mixtures. Pages of this journal offer contributions from leading Russian and International scientists, technologists and leading professionals, news from the stock markets, research laboratories, latest elaborations by producers and suppliers of modern building materials and equipment.

The magazine goal is to unite on its pages the articles of the leading Russian and International specialists in the field of cement, concrete, dry building mixtures; latest news of the Russian and world building materials market, the traditions of peer-reviewed Russian scientific magazines and innovative informational approach of the contemporary printed media. The prime focus is on developments serving the purpose of rationalization of production, reduction of energy consumption, enhancement of quality and improvement of environmental safety.

The issue is included in the list of the leading reviewed scientific journals approved by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles for publication of the main results of doctoral and candidates’ theses.

We invite the authors of scientific articles for publication in our journal.

For almost 10 years of its existence, the journal has won recognition among the experts and decision makers of the industry as leading professional periodical thoroughly covering building materials from the scientific and practical point of view.

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Editorial project

  • The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Mass Media, Communications and Cultural Heritage Protection.
  • Certificate of registration: PI number FS77-31038 on January 24, 2008
  • Publisher: "AlitInform Ltd., Russia, St. Petersburg
  • Circulation: 6,000 copies
  • Frequency: 6 issues per year (one issue is double)
  • The volume of the issue: 70-100 pages
  • Format: A4
  • Printing: full color
  • Subject: special edition of cement, concrete, dry mixes
  • Language: English, Russian
  • Distribution:
  • Free of charge: at specialized conferences, seminars, meetings, major exhibitions in Russia, CIS and abroad
  • Subscription: Enterprise subscription and a subscription for individuals

Editorial staff

  • CEO and Editor-in-Chief Dr. Eduard Bolshakov
  • Editorial board
  • Project manager: Nadezhda Bolshakova
  • Science editor: Dr. Eduard Bolshakov
  • Editor: Maria Fedunova
  • Designer: Irina Lyubimova
  • Literary editor: Valentina Kizilo
  • Proof reader: Valentina Fateeva

Our readers

Target audience of the magazine are managers and technicians of manufacturers of cement, concrete, dry mixes; researchers and university professors; suppliers of equipment, tools, raw materials and components.

  • Manufacturers of building materials — 40%
  • Producers of raw materials, components, materials, packaging and equipment — 30%
  • Research institutes, Universities — 15%
  • Suppliers of building materials — 10%
  • Construction companies — 5%

- The largest cement companies; manufacturers of concrete and products based on it: plants JBK, production plants, manufacturers of commercial, architectural, foam, gas, fiber-reinforced concrete; CCC manufacturers and plaster; manufacturers of components and equipment
- Research institutes, Universities: Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering; Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering; JSC NIICEMENT; OOO STC SibNIICement ", JSC" Institute "Strojproect"; Institute NIISM (Belarus), JSC "YakutPNIIS", OAO "Design Institute" Giprotsement "IMET, State Academy of construction and Housing in Russia, CNIIS Siberian Industrial State University, Izhevsk State Technical University

We would be glad to see you as our reader and the author!

THE EDITORIAL BOARD OF THE International Analytical Review “ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures”

¹ Name Academic degree, academic title, position e-mail
1 Chief Editor
Eduard Bolshakov
Cand. Eng. Sc.; President, ALIT Group; Chairman of the Committee of Cement, Concrete and Dry Mixtures of Russian Union of Builders, St. Petersburg, Russia
2 Johann Planck Dr. Eng. Sc., Professor, Construction Chemistry Department, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany
3 Sui Tongbo Dr. Eng. Sc., Professor; General Director of Sinoma Institute; Vice President of China Sinoma International Engineering, Beijing, China
4 Viktor Gusarov Dr. Chem. Sc., Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Physical Chemistry Department at the St. Petersburg State University of Technology, Head of the New Inorganic Materials Laboratory at the Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
5 Yury Pukharenko Dr. Eng. Sc., Professor, Head of the Department of Building Materials and Metrology at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, St. Petersburg, Russia
6 Viktor Klassen Dr. Eng. Sc., Professor, Department of Cement and Composite Materials Technology, Belgorod State University of Technology named after V.G. Shukhov; Distinguished Worker of Higher and Professional Education of Russia, Merited High School Worker of Russia, Belgorod, Russia
7 Nikolay Vatin Dr. Eng. Sc., Professor, Director of the Engineering and Construction Institute of the St. Petersburg Statement Polytechnical University, St. Petersburg, Russia
8 Yekaterina Potapova Dr. Eng. Sc., Professor, Chair of Chemical Technology of Composites and Binders, D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia
     Procedure of manuscript review by the Editorial Board of the International Analytical Review “ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures”

1. All the manuscripts, which are received by the editorial office of “ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures” International Analytical Review and conform to its subject, will be reviewed.

2. The Chief Editor will see the manuscript, determine whether the article conforms to the subject of the magazine and the format requirements, and decide which reviewer it will be sent to.

3. Reviewers are leading experts in technical, chemical, and economic sciences. They can be members of the Editorial Board or employees of universities or producing companies with a PhD, whose field of research interest shall be as close as possible to the subject of the article. Authors or co-authors of the reviewed article may not be reviewers.

4. The review time shall be determined by the editorial office of the magazine in each individual case so that the article can be published as soon as possible.

5. The reviewing process shall be confidential. The auditor of the article will be allowed to see the text of the review.

6. Requirements to the content of reviews

A review shall contain a qualified analysis of the article, an objective argumented evaluation in the reviewer’s own form or in the form proposed by the editorial office, and a reasoned conclusion.
— the article may/may not be accepted for publication;
— the article requires modification by the author and another review;
— the article shall be sent to another expert for reviewing.

7. In the event of a negative conclusion of the reviewer, for the avoidance of a biased opinion, the article may be sent for another review to a different reviewer. If the opinions of the two reviewers are not the same, the Editorial Board will accept the article. Articles that have not been recommended for publication by the Editorial Board will not be accepted for second consideration.

8. The Chief Editor will make a decision to publish or reject the article based on the opinion of the reviewer (or a collective decision of the Editorial Board).

9. After a decision is made that the article will be allowed for publication, the publishing editor shall notify the author and state the publication time as he/she accepts the article for processing. The review will be sent to the author via e-mail, fax or mail.

10. The original reviews shall be kept at the editorial office of the International Analytical Review ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures for five years after the publication date; on request of members of the Expert Panel of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia, copies of the reviews will be provided via e-mail or Russian post.
     Form of reviews of scientific articles that are received the Editorial Office of the International Analytical Review “ALITinform: Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures”

The reviewer shall provide a brief analysis of the reviewed article and evaluate it using the criteria of content and form; namely, the reviewer shall evaluate the size of the article, check the abstract and the selection of key words in the Russian and English languages, the correctness of references and the presence of a list of reference, and find if the subject of the article is relevant to the profile of the magazine.

In the conclusion, the reviewer shall evaluate the significance, novelty, and scientific value of the article and make a conclusion on whether it may be published in a certain scientific magazine or should be modified in accordance with the remarks.

The reviewer must have an academic degree in a field according to the subject of the article.

It is recommended to write reviews in the following order of items:
Article: (Title of the article)
Authors: (Names of the authors)

Conformity of the article to the subject of the scientific magazine
• the article conforms to the subject of the scientific magazine (yes/no);
• if not, what alternative scientific magazine can be suggested to the authors for consideration?

Originality and significance of the results of the article (yes/no/other evaluation):
• the results are original;
• the results have scientific significance;
• the results have practical significance.

Quality of presentation of the article (yes/no/other evaluation):
• is the abstract informative enough;
• clarity of the presentation of the article;
• should the article be shortened;
• is the objective of the article stated clearly;
• is the place of the article in the circle of other papers determined adequately;
• can the mathematics be made less detailed;
• are the list of references and quotes complete;
• are all the figures and tables relevant;
• are there any mistakes or technical errors;
• are the mathematical and experimental results presented accurately;
• are the results and conclusions or article reasoned enough.

Conclusion (yes/no)
• the article may be accepted for publication without modification;
• the article requires modification and another review;
• the article may not be accepted for publication;
• the article requires a review by another expert.

Date Signature Full name of the reviewer (academic degree, academic title, position, job)

The optimum size of a review is 3,500 to 4,000 characters (with spaces), which is equivalent to 1.5-2 pages in Word editor in Times New Roman 12 font.

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