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Special offer for large equipment and machines on exhibition "Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures" (2015-03-31)
Organizers of exhibition "Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures - 2015" present special conditions to the companies that exhibit large equipment and machines on the stand.

Equipment or machine considering as large space, if its weight is more than 1 ton, size is more than 150cm x 250 cm and it takes more than half on the booked stand. The minimum size of the stand in this case is 20 sq. m. If you are observing these conditions, Organizers will be glad to give you special discount price for the exhibition area.
International Construction Forum Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures, the exhibition gave an opportunity to learn more and to see in action the following equipment: mixers, loaders, mini dumpers, dust fountains, reducers, hot air generator, automated concrete mixers, concrete pump, cement trucks, analytical and laboratory equipment, and soon. In general, samples of the equipment and machines were presented at every third exhibit, stirring continuing interest and activity of visitors.

Please, send your request and mention name and size of your equipment and we will make you the best proposal!

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