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ALITinform is a periodical that describes different directions in production and applications of cement, concrete, and dry building mixtures. Pages of this journal offer publications by leading Russian and foreign scientists, technologists and top managers, news from the stock exchange market and from research laboratories, latest elaborations by producers and suppliers of modern building materials and equipment. During four years of its existence, the journal won recognition among the experts and decision makers of the industry as the only professional periodical thoroughly gives coverage to a topic of building materials from the scientific and practical point of view.

Materials are published in Russian and English languages.

The publication is full-color, A4 format, volume 112 pages, periodicity is 4 issues a year, number of copies is 6,000.

ALITinform is distributed throughout all regions of Russia and abroad, among the professionals of the building industry:
  • through address and subject dispatching;
  • through subscription;
  • at specialized conferences, seminars, and meetings;
  • in governmental and public building organizations and administrative bodies of the Russian cities;
  • at the largest exhibitions of Russia, CIS, and foreign countries.

Flexible system of discounts, and a bonus package:
a) we place your banner at our web-site;
b) dispatching the journal on the addresses of your potential clients provided by you;
c) enclosure of leaflets or discs of your company in the same package with the journal will help to make your collaboration with the international Analytical Review ALITinform beneficial and fruitful.
The cost and size of advertising
ModuleSizeCost (Euro)
Module2 pages1,350
Module1 page840
Module1/2 of page505
Module1/3 of page310
Advertising article1 page675

One page213x303 mm (with edge gaps)vertical
1/2 of page80x250 mm (without edge gaps)
103x303 mm (with edge gaps)
1/2 of page170x120 mm (without edge gaps)
213x148 mm (with edge gaps)
1/3 of page170x80 mm (without edge gaps)horizontal
1/4 of page80x120 mm (without edge gaps)
103x143 mm (with edge gaps)
Scheme of the module location on the type rage
for the layout sheet:

Layouts in vector and bit map formats of CMYK model are accepted.

Fonts should be transformed to curves.

All bit map images should have the scale 100 % and resolution 300 dpi.

For the full format of the module, edge gaps of 3 mm from each side.

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